Category: Green Activities


Code          : AC 015
Duration    : 2 Hours
Price          : 900 Baht

Local Sauce Making from Fermented Sathorn Leaves

Sathorn is an important local tree in Dansai area which can only be found here. From the wisdom of local people in making use of this local tree’s leaves, we have learned how to make the local homemade cooking sauce which is so delicious when we add it in our local dishes. How to make this sauce? Come to learn it yourself during the month of April to May, when we can take out the new leaves of these trees to be brought into a process of fermentation. After approximately 8 hours, you will finally get a sauce, locally called "Nampak Sathorn”. It will taste naturally sweet and a bit salty. Local people usually use it in everyday cooking to replace a fish sauce.


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