Category: Green Activities


Code          : AC 014
Duration    : 2 Hours
Price          : 900 Baht

Bamboo Charcoal Making

Bamboo forest is significant for the sufficient living concept due to its various benefits. One of the useful benefits of bamboo tree is a usage of charcoal that can be made from a burning of bamboo branches, which will be placed into a stove made from a used 200 liter oil tank. It takes about 8 burning hours with the highest temperature reaching up to 1,000 degree Celsius. That such charcoal will not emit smoke when used for the BBQ grill purpose. It can also be used for other purposes, such as, absorbing smell, inserting in the pillow for a good sleep, and etc… There is also a side beneficial product of wood vinegar that we get from burning a bamboo. It can be used as a natural liquid to be an insect repellent for our vegetables and trees in the garden.



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