Category: Green Activities


Code          : AC 007
Duration    : 2-3 Hours
Price          : 1,500 Baht*
*(2 masks included) Extra mask is 300 baht per piece.

Phi Ta Khon Mask Making

Learn how to make Phi Ta Khon Mask at the local Phi Ta Khon Museum. The Phi Ta Khon mask is a unique traditional folk craft of Dan Sai district. Although subject to the maker's imagination and creative interpretation, each mask adheres to the traditional Phi Ta Khon style. The Phi Ta Khon mask consists of three major components: the hat, the face and the nose. The hat is made from a traditional bamboo container used for steaming glutinous (sticky) rice known as huad. The huad is folded up like a hat so it fits on the head. The face element of the mask is made from a coconut leaf sheath with small openings cut for the eyes. The nose is made from soft wood. In the past, the nose was relatively simple. However over the years, it has evolved and features elaborate shapes and details. Occasionally two horns made from dried coconut lobes are also added to the mask. The various elements are assembled together with the use of strings and nails. The mask is then painted in elaborate designs and striking colors. To complete each mask, narrow shoulder-length strips of cloth are sewn together and glued to the back of the mask. The Phi Ta Khon Mask is the one of world renowned local festival of Thailand.



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