Category: Green Activities


Code                : AC 004
Duration          : 2 Hours
Price                : 900 Baht


Learn to Harvest Local Sweet Corn (Khao Pod Tak Ngai)
A unique sweet corn growing only in Dansai hills, Loei. The best time to harvest corn is known as the “milk stage” when the ears are fully formed but not yet ripe. This stage usually lasts about a week. You can determine when the corn is ready to harvest by looking at the silks, husks, and kernels. The silks should be old green but a little bit brown, which occurs about 3 weeks after the silks first appear. Their husks should hold tightly to the ear and the kernels should produce a little milky fluid when pierced. How to make it ready to eat? Just boiled it and add some salt. The taste is sweet and very delicious.



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